“Oh my! We’ve just watched our wedding showreel and it’s AMAZING!!! So wonderful, and you caught moments & details that we’d not noticed on the day. Fab!!!”  – JACQUI & GUY RITCHIE ”

`You were such a lovely person to have around on the day – not only managing to get to the heart of the action without ever being intrusive – but also being a very reassuring presence at all times. Quite an achievement! – CAMERON & JOHN”

`They’re outstanding! We absolutely love them- they’re the best wedding photos we have ever seen!!! – KATIE & DAN”

`EVERYONE loves our stunning pictures! We are so thrilled!!!“” – BEVERLEY & JAMES”

`Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! They are amazing!!! – ELIZABETH & SIMEON”

`The pictures you caught of us just after the ceremony when we were alone are so romantic and we’ll treasure those photos forever. The way you’ve captured people’s personalities is astounding as you had never met any of us before!“- CATRIONA & CHRISTOPHE”

`They are amazing! We are blown away and spent hours looking at them all the minute we got them. Thank you so much!- JULIA & JAMESON”

`Looking through all our wedding photos and Paul, you have done THE most fabulous job! You have captured some lovely moments that we will treasure forever. Amazing. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! – VICTORIA & MICHAEL”

`They are just stunning. You captured every detail and every emotion of the day. Every time we look at them we see something new. They moved us to tears. – JOHANNA & DENIZ”

Thank you so much for capturing our wedding day so beautifully and for being such good company through our engagement and wedding shoots. The photos have been admired by family, guests and lots of people we barely know and are now staple parts of our family’s living rooms! We’re really glad that we chose you – MICHAEL & JEN”

`Our wedding showreel made me cry and we are both so excited to share the pictures with everyone! – JUDE & MARTIN”

`I will treasure these photos forever – CHARLOTTE & GARY” `They are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! I cannot begin to explain how happy we are with them! – LOUISE & JAMES”

`Delighted! I cried all the way through our Director’s Cut Showreel. They are just wonderful. We are so, so happy. THANK YOU! – JANE & DOUGIE”

`They are just perfect and so full of emotion! You really captured everyone’s personalities and all of the emotions of the day. And thank you for noticing every single detail of the wedding. From the flowers, to the cake, the table settings, the favours… You are simply the best photographer! – HUDA & WAEL”

`HUGE thanks for all of your amazing work both on the day and in the result – they are so stunning and I just adore how you’ve caught so many special moments – incredible really. – ALLISON & GABRIEL”

`Just got back from Paris to the excitement of seeing the beautiful pictures you have taken. I can’t thank you enough- they are fantastic! – SARAH & PETER”

`I just wanted to say thank you for the amazing pictures! SO glad we chose you!!! – ARCHANA & ANISH”

`Thank you for doing the most amazing job at our wedding – thank you thank you!!! – REENA & ANDREAS”

‘The photos are AMAZING! We love all of them! Can’t thank you enough!“”  – JERROD & PAUL”

`We’ve had lots of guests tell us they’re the best wedding photographs they’ve ever seen! – LUCY & BRAD”

Wow!!! We just love love love the photos!!! They are just amazing and we couldn’t be happier – SARAH & DIMIS”

`Wonderful pictures! They really are brilliant, thank you so much. Thank you also for your humour, professionalism and amazing invisible powers on the day! – JENNY & ANDREW”